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1978 Honda CB 750A Hondamatic Bobber



This bike started out as a really nice Honda CB750A that I Bought from a friend of mine. I actually kept it for a year before I worked on it because I wasn't sure if what I wanted to do with it. Then I was cruising eBay and came up on a great deal on a Cycle-X Boxer, here we go. I started by rebuilding the carbs and a compression check, then to get the bike running... then out of the frame the motor came and into the new one. With some Renthal bars and the seat mounted nice and low, this bike looks a lot like a drag bike. It is comfortable to ride and gets a lot of looks and comments everywhere I take it. A set of z bars or some small things will really make this bike cool... or a paint and powder coat job would really help... but, I like it as is raw and rusty. I've been riding this one every day, its a fun bike to ride and the lack of the clutch lever throws everyone for a loop. Its going to be a hard bike to part with.



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