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1983 Suzuki GS550L Bobber

I bought this thing and wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it, it ran, but needed the carbs cleaned.... so I figured... I would start cutting out the back and see where it led me. I built a rigid bar and was going to mount a flying seat, but the bike never really looked good that way, so I never nailed it down. I built some backbone bars that go from the stock backbone down to the swing arm....and now it looks good. I put the mock up seat and tank on it to make sure it looks correct. This bike is done. I will get some better pics of it this weekend and get them added to the site. This is a cool looking, good running, CHEAP bike.

Took this in on trade for another bike is sold again.



Why Cheap Chopperz?

If your a broke ass'll need a cheap ass chopper.

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