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1980 Yamaha XS850 Triple

This bike started out as a super nice, low mileage, 1980 Yamaha XS850 Midnight Special Triple. This bike was almost a shame to cut up, it ran great started great...even the brakes were perfect....but here it is in all its glory...reborn as a bobber. This bike features rear brakes only. We put the forks in the lathe and removed all the mounts for the fender and brake calipers for a clean smooth look. The backbone was cut out and redone with all new tubing. The bike is now a hardtail, with custom mounts so the final drive can still be removed and serviced if needed. This bike runs like a raped date. It is fast and fun...always starts on the first kick. The bike features a set of custom Z-Bars, and a Harley Sportster peanut tank. The pipes are cut short for a neat custom sound and look.





Why Cheap Chopperz?

If your a broke ass'll need a cheap ass chopper.