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1981 Yamaha XS850 Triple

This bike had sat for a long time. It was a Full  bagger...but under all that crapola was a cool bike waiting to be reborn, it had pretty low mileage for its age 22K, although every part on the bike had to be rebuilt. The front and back brakes were seized, as were the carbs. We decided to leave one of the front brake calipers and one rotor...just to mix it up, as I prefer to not run the front brakes. I also moved the speedo as i thought it looked kinda cool over to the side. I used an XS650 taillight and a west eagle seat. Lots of cool parts and custom Z-bars make this bike unique.

This bike is SOLD. I have 3 more triples here at the shop. If you are interested in a bike like this one, They sell for $3500. with 1K down and the bal due at delivery. Delivery time is about 3 weeks.



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