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1988 Honda VLX 600 Bobber

This is a 1988 Honda VLX 600. This bike was VERY ROUGH when I came up on it, So I didn't mind tearing it up. The first thing I did was cut the back off and set on a flat fender. Then the handlebars came off and on went a set of Biltwell Keystone Z-Bars and chrome risers. I also cut the pipes, but still have to wrap the front one and make the billet end caps for them. New tires, tubes, carbs, seat, and even a new tank (the old one was too messed up to save), made it Rigid...checked all the electrical and made sure it ran well, I even powder coat the wheels black and painted the triple trees, forks, air cleaner cover, speedo and headlight. Now its a totally murdered out scooter... so...theres nothing left but to ride ride it.

This bike is Sold!!.


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