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1987 Honda VlX600 Bobber with Apes

This is a 1987 Honda VLX 600. This bike was rough when it came in so I didn't mind cutting on it. The first thing I did was cut the back off and set on a flat fender with some radius bent fender struts. Then I changed the tank to a two tone one I had laying around. Then the bars came off and on went a set of clip-ons. I ran it like that for a few weeks, then someone was looking at it and they wanted the black tank back on it...and some apes I had laying on went the apes and off went the two tone tank. In the end it looked good in black with the apes....but for me...I liked it the way it was.





Why Cheap Chopperz?

If your a broke ass'll need a cheap ass chopper.