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1988 Honda VLX 600 Bobber with Z-Bars

This is a 1988 Honda VLX 600. This bike was VERY rough when it came in so I didn't mind cutting on it. The first thing I did was cut the back off and set on a flat fender with some straight fender struts. Then the bars came off and on went a set of Z-Bars. Had to rebuild the carbs, and replace the starter to get this one to run...but now it runs perfect. Cut down the pipes and machined up some billet end caps so they don't look cut....but custom. Painted it and finished up a few things to make it look cool...although I still may rid of the front brakes, machine down the forks and rebuild them, also machine the wheel smooth.

This bike is currently for sale. I am asking $2500 OBO for it. Come check it out and ride it home.



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